How to make money on Facebook
You can earn money on Facebook on your personal account, group, or PR page. There are two main ways to earn money:

Advertising your product or service. Buying likes for facebook page.
Paid placement of ads from various advertisers on your page.
With the first option, everything is clear — we are promoting our product. For the second option of earning money on Facebook, many advertising exchanges have been created. In both cases, success is possible only if there are many active subscribers. The more of them, the greater the turnover for their own product, and the more advertisers pay for placing an advertising post.
In all major advertising exchanges, accounts are moderated before they are added to the database. Information about the number of subscribers( friends), region, subject-is available to all advertisers. The price for placing an ad directly depends on the number of readers on the page.

1. Exchanges that make it possible to earn money on advertising
Viboom. Exchange of payment for watching videos. It only works with groups and PR pages, and it doesn’t work with personal accounts. Payment is made once a month and directly depends on the number of views of the video. Sites with a minimum number of 1000 subscribers are accepted.
Prospero. Exchange of advertising posts. They accept sites not only from Facebook. The main type of earnings is advertising in the form of reviews and recommendations of the advertiser’s services on your page with a subsequent link to the site. It requires a little imagination (you need to come up with posts yourself). Also in this service, you can earn money by writing posts on forums, sometimes you get orders for writing articles.
Social tools. It differs in that the posts are already created, they just need to be placed in your account. Works with different networks.
Forums. One of the most ancient exchanges. They accept accounts in social networks, blogs, forums, and YouTube channels. Tasks are different: reposts, likes, reviews, watching videos, and so on.
Balogun. One of the most famous advertising exchanges. There are strict requirements for the sites, but the payment is also higher than that of others. They accept social networks and promote blogs. There are a lot of orders. You can earn money on a personal account, on a group, or on a PR page of the FB. But for good earnings on Facebook with the help of Balogun, applications must be submitted independently, and not wait for the advertiser to ask for it.
There are still a lot of exchanges, but there are earnings-a penny, so I will not mention them.
Let me remind you once again that for serious earnings on such exchanges, you need to gain a lot of friends or subscribers. Who is interested, I give a link to the service for free promotion of mutual —

To make money on Facebook on the sale of your product or service, you must first promote the «PR page». Do not confuse it with an account. It is much easier to invite friends to your account than to gain subscribers to a business page, but such a page offers many advantages.
3. The pros of the Facebook PR page
there is no limit of subscribers ( for example, you can make no more than 5,000 friends in your personal account)
there is built-in functionality for checking statistics: visits, reposts, likes, clicks to the site, calls, you can create a «call» button. A click on this button on the computer will show the phone number, and a click from the smartphone will automatically start a call to the number.
there are sections with the information about the company, work schedule, an online map of the address of the company, and others
the ability to run is a regional community
4. The difference between a group and a business page
The difference between a PR page and a Facebook group is that all its subscribers will see the page’s news in the news feed. Every time a user visits their FB page, they see the news feed first, and only then can they go to their personal account, and this is very important for a business page. And Facebook informs the subscriber about new posts in the group only in notifications, which are hardly noticeable in comparison with the news feed.

5. Create events and meetings
Creating «events» is great for advertising seminars, lectures, and masterclasses. They are created directly in the community as a new post (create an event), but when they are created, a full-fledged new page will appear where you can attach a banner, specify the date of the event, describe it, and invite 500 friends from one account. The result with a large number of friends is simply amazing. If you decide to do business on Facebook, it is important to consider the factor of residence and the interests of subscribers. Do not give a friend request to people from other countries if your product can not be sent there. There is also no point in adding children as friends in serious projects.
6. Engage in SMM
For experienced users, it is possible to earn money on the promotion of various companies, brands, and events. Now, this method of earning is especially relevant and gives a good profit. After all, Facebook ranks first in terms of earnings among all known social networks.
I also advise you to read the article: Facebook will pay bloggers.
7. The juiciest loot — on advertising
I finish writing on September 19, 2018. All of the above methods are cheap. Only flat-footed people can earn money from them (sorry for the misinformation — reason comes only with experience). The fastest method is to run ads in the FB for a product or service. Find friends with the product/service or your product. Then you run the ad. A click on an ad leads either to a website or to a Facebook business page (if there is no website and there is no knowledge/ability to create one). It takes me 2 days to create a one-page book with a competent presentation. You can just run a beautiful photo with your phone number. This is often quite enough. In addition, there are many sites — so-called offers or affiliate programs, where there are already ready-made sites that pay a fee for each purchase (for example It is necessary to choose an affiliate program correctly and run ads on it in the social network. Depending on what we offer, in the ad settings, you can specify the target audience (age, gender, preferences) and target (regions in which the ad will be displayed). This is how I earn today. Customers find me themselves (word has spread around the city).